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Zero Inventory Solutions

One of the biggest myths in the area of selecting a corporate uniform and promotional product provider is that inventory investment is important to secure your supply and delivery of goods to the field.

In our experience, suppliers with the least integrated systems and poorest planning capabilities tend to be the ones pushing to stock inventory for you. Whether they tie up your money up front, or just get you on the hook for a lot of aging product, it is rarely in the customers best interest to have large amounts of inventory stored at a suppliers warehouse. Ironically, the suppliers who most frequently promote an inventory solution are often those with the most difficulty actually managing inventory levels. Our customers have described infuriating situations where they have thousands of 2XL tops they are paying for, but can’t seem to get a small top for weeks on end.

Beyond the financial impact, pre-decorated inventory can become costly when you want to make a change in branding, or even update to a more modern style (as those can change rapidly). We feel sorry for the procurement team when they have to advise marketing that the requested changes will take effect in six months once the majority of their inventory is consumed.

The solution to these inventory pitfalls is a Zero-inventory Solution. Our entire platform was designed to effectively provide such a solution in a way that allows for timely order processing and shipment, reduced overall costs, and allows for a much greater variety of offerings to fit different regions, body types and roles within an organization.

To pull this off, a supplier must have a large printing and embroidery capacity, and couple it with systems that allow for rapid and efficient processing of small orders for individual employees. Our centralized location also reduces the maximum fulfillment time of orders within the US by several days over a coastal supplier. We recommend you review some of our success stories to see how a zero-inventory solution works in practice.

Are you ready to experience more selection and better availability while reducing risk?

Please give us a call to discuss our zero-inventory solutions!