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Uniform Portals

If you have a large workforce distributed across the country or world, you are probably very clear already on the need for a supplier uniform portal and website. We are aware that even the mom and pop embroiderer down the street can setup a website with your custom products on it. However, they probably haven’t invested millions actually integrating the web portals into their production systems all the way through EDI ordering with key suppliers. They may not have daily freight-optimized shipments from key distributors pre-packaged for efficient processing of small orders to be shipped all over the country.

With a Uniform Portal, it is what is under the hood that really makes a difference. We have invested heavily in IT solutions to actually solve the problems faced by most embroiderers when serving large national contracts. Most try to overcome their lack of process and automation by requiring large inventory investments so that they never run out of product. Ironically, their lack of process and automation often lead to outages and shortages of the very product they claim to stock for their customers.

By contrast, our customer portals are ready to run your program seamlessly under any scenario you might imagine. For example, you may want to provide vouchers on an annual or semi-annual basis. Maybe it is based on their work anniversary. Then if they need more than you pay for, allow for payroll deduction. At the same time, contract workers can use your site to checkout with a credit card of their own. Often to lessen the administrative burden, our system will pick up data files from HR with new hires and terminations, automatically adding or removing people from our system.

Despite the common misconception that there is security in inventory, we have found there is cost and risk in inventory. Something as simple as a rebranding, merger or acquisition can instantly render your inventory useless. Our goal is to establish security of supply through systems and capacity to instantly adapt to products and supply which change over time, while rapidly fulfilling orders with the best possible garment available. We put the burden of inventory on the manufacturers, but maintain flexibility to adapt if they fall short.

Learn what a truly integrated uniform portal can accomplish with the right systems and capacity to back it up.