Every year classes of Nursing Students, CNAs in training and Medical Residents need custom embroidered scrubs for their classes, externships and residencies.  But for some reason the process often remains confusing, cumbersome and a burden to the administrators or students put in charge of the ordering for that year.  It doesn’t help that someone new often has to take it on each year without a lot of guidance or a proven process.

Fortunately we have created the most simple and seamless process for Student scrub orders possible, and can set it up to be used year after year with no problems or hassles.  It starts with a custom web portal which allows the students to place their orders directly, without the need for someone to try and collect all of the orders from everyone which is not always that easy.  Then we process and ship the orders directly to each student, removing the need for someone to hold onto hundreds of scrubs and try and pass them out in classes or in their free time.

Every order is limited to the styles and colors you choose (every major brand is available), and will include your school or department logo embroidered on it prior to shipping.  We also have options where students can receive a certain number of sets free, pay for them all themselves, or have the ability to pay just for extra sets beyond what the school will provide.  This entire service is included at no extra cost, and we are still able to make the uniforms themselves very affordable.

For a school or class to qualify it must have a minimum of 50 students receiving 2 sets each, or 100+ students getting one free set.

Contact us Today via solutions@uniformsmadeeasy.com to learn more and have your student scrub portal set up in time for your next term.