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Seamless Programs

At the most basic level a uniform supplier adds your logo or message to garments and ships them to you. The number of competent uniform suppliers given that description is vast and there are many to choose from. However as the size of a program increases and you look at what it takes to meet the needs of a multinational corporation with tens of thousands of staff in the US alone the picture is a bit more complex.

We make our living every day solving the problems of large and complex corporate customers with a workforce that is distributed broadly across the US and the globe. Our technology was developed to go far beyond production and fulfillment so that it actually becomes a seamless extension of our customer that delivers exactly what is needed, when it is needed in a way that reduces our clients management costs dramatically.

While our vast production capacity makes us an excellent candidate for large printing and embroidery orders, where we stand out is when the need for rapid production is paired with a need for distribution of numerous small orders and a seamless ordering process from the end user through fulfillment and accounting.

Is your current solution just not working?

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