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Proprietary Technology

It may seem at first glance that nothing has really changed in the past 20 years when it comes to employee uniforms. The technology for embroidery and screen printing has largely remained the same, with modest advancements in speed and quality. But at closer inspection, what is very clear are the recurring problems that companies encounter with their uniform suppliers when they work with partners who have not invested in the technology needed to efficiently manage complex programs with thousands of end users.

Our investment in technology is the key distinguishing factor that allows us to offer our large corporate partners zero-inventory solutions with exceptional delivery and fulfillment rates. Beyond order fulfillment we have developed integrations to remove the burden of maintaining employee rosters, and have simplified distribution to staff by allowing for individuals to place and receive their orders with pricing that rivals the largest group order discounts other suppliers can offer.

The efficiency gains we experience from our end-to-end custom portals result in cost savings on the front and back end for our clients. When our clients realize how many departmental burdens can be removed by allowing our systems to accept orders, fulfill them quickly, and invoice with the critical information included they almost forget to check the pricing.

This success is why we find our uniform customers frequently expanding our engagement to include their promotional products, printed consumables and even employee benefit programs. We are not about processing garments, we are about a process that works with garments or any custom product your company requires.

We invite you to evaluate what our technology can do to ease the burden of your current uniform program.