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Promotional Products

We have noticed that often our customers faced challenges in the past with the unnecessary burden of working with too many different suppliers when it comes to custom products. They may have one vendor for uniforms, one for printed paper goods, another for printed consumables like cups or napkins and another still for promotional marketing items like water bottles or other industry related products.

We view all custom products the same in terms of the planning, ordering and logistics involved in getting you what you need, when you need it. Our engagements frequently begin with embroidered or screen printed uniforms and garments. However, once our clients see the benefit and time savings of our platform we are often asked to add in and manage fulfillment for all of their custom products.

Our web portals seamlessly connect the right people in your organization with the right products and offload the entire burden of order collection and management to us. When lead times or minimums are an issue, we can setup the most effective inventory levels to ensure quick delivery and optimal pricing.

See how we can combine your promotional products into a total solution that makes the process much easier for your distributed team to work with.