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Professional Apparel

It is clear across industries that your employees are your most prominent brand ambassadors. Their professional apparel plays a critical role in the first impression a customer or client has when they first encounter your company. In the world of corporate apparel, simple garments like polo shirts can range in price from $5.00 to $50 or more per unit. Our goal is to find you the most affordable option that substantially matches your brand and customer expectations.

We take other key needs into consideration, such as depth of inventory to support your enterprise, and the projected longevity of a specific style so that you aren’t forced to change garments on a regular basis. Once we put together your selection of products and matching decoration options, we implement it with a fully custom ordering portal that has every option you could want.

Our websites are directly integrated with our fulfillment processes, and communicate electronically with top manufacturers. The result is rapid and efficient order processing including custom embroidery and screen printing. We can provide a zero-inventory solution that meets your delivery requirement and fulfillment metrics like very few other companies can.

Let us help you in the product selection process for garments such as polo shirts, dress shirts, dress pants and skirts, fleece jackets, hospitality and food service uniforms and more. We can also integrate custom printed products such as scarves, ties, hats or even completely custom garments designed for your company.

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