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Production Capacity

One critical piece that is needed to implement a true zero-inventory solution is the capacity to print and embroider large volume orders in very short timeframes. If our technology is the backbone of our services, then our production capacity is the work horse.

From our 325 embroidery heads to our 9 fully automated printing stations, our centralized production facility can process 25,000 printed garments per day and over 15,000 embroidered shirt or hats per day. Even the largest orders for national events can be processed in impressively short timeframes.

In addition to our vast equipment investment, we have developed a flexible workforce model that allows us to quickly scale our labor supply up or down to match demand. This allows us to process very large orders without disrupting the regular daily flow of orders from the tens of thousands of end users who order through our custom portals.

Have you ever experienced delays or lead times due to the size of your requirements?

Let’s talk about how we can put our capacity to work for you.