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Printed Consumables

Management of low-cost printed consumables can be a challenge for franchise and large hospitality and restaurant chains. Large order quantities are needed to keep pricing down, but with limited space at your retail locations it can be difficult to take advantage of those price breaks. Multiple manufacturers and distributors for different products further complicate the issue, and the shipping cost for these light weight products can nearly match the cost of the goods themselves.

We frequently add printed consumables like bags, plates, napkins and cups to our customer uniform portals. By ordering in the most cost efficient quantities, and then filling orders in smaller batches from a centralized location in the US we can often save money for our customers by taking these products under our management. An added benefit is your staff has one main source to use for ordering uniforms, consumables, promotional products and any other supplies which fit our distribution model.

Contact us to discuss how we can save time, money and headache in managing your printed consumables when coupled with a custom uniform program.