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Medical Apparel

The universe of medical uniforms has changed significantly the past 10 years. While you can still find numerous suppliers of unisex scrub sets in the most common colors, there have been major advances in fabric, comfort, function and even safety that have changed the thinking on a typical medical uniform program.

Recent trends have included iPad pockets in lab coats and jackets, to support their increased use in the clinical environment. Another major trend is the increased availability and lower cost of antimicrobial and fluid barrier technologies, intended to reduce hospital-acquired infections and transmission of bacterial and pathogens between patients on caregiver garments. They also protect nurses and caregivers who wear these garments home, and could potentially contaminate their friends or family.

Organizations are rapidly shifting from permissive dress codes, to color-coded programs which help identify their staff by department or credential and enhance security. Adding custom embroidery to a color coded program adds an additional layer of security to prevent imposters from trying to subvert your security protocols. While there is a lot of value in color coding, there are not very many manufacturers who provide the breadth of colors needed in sufficient quantities to support major health systems effectively. Additionally, many uniform providers have limited embroidery capacity and longer lead times making a just-in-time program difficult. The result is many programs with pre-decorated inventory held in advance, which adds significant cost and risk to the healthcare organization with little tangible benefit.

Our approach to sourcing medical uniforms is to help you select the ideal product with a robust supply of inventory available at all times. We provide on-demand embroidery with massive capacity to allow for rapid fulfillment of orders whether for an entire hospital, or just one employee. When possible, we arrange for pre-approved alternate styles or brands so that we can further reduce the risk of shortages. Our close supplier relationships allow for planned pipelines of inventory to make sure your needs are always met.

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