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Food Service

Large restaurant and food service businesses frequently experience several challenges when attempting to manage employee uniforms. There can be a lot of work related to sizing, order entry and management and uniform distribution yet the local resources and expertise to manage the process are often lacking. With a large employee base, additional challenges on the supplier side arise including embroidery and processing lead times, product shortages and delays, and general organization and responsiveness. Industry suppliers often propose solutions that require pre-decorated inventory to be stocked at their warehouse which adds cost and liability to your organization, while still not always fixing the problems.

Fortunately, we have developed what we believe is the ideal solution for restaurant and food service businesses who need a simple solution for employee uniforms. We take your needs into consideration and determine the ideal brands and product lines to suit your needs. Our custom website solutions have many options to allow employees or managers to directly enter their orders. Payment options can include vouchers, payroll deduction, direct bill, employee payment or any combination of these.

Orders are rapidly and efficiently processed and shipped, providing a zero inventory solution with the speed and blank goods inventory to back it up. We are tightly integrated with the largest uniform manufacturers in the US, and can work with them to forecast and prepare for your demand. Cumbersome tasks like adding new hires or removing terminated employees can be automated through data files we automatically pick up from your system and process into the website.

For restaurant chains with 1,000 employees and up, these custom programs become a simple and seamless way to manage all of your uniform needs. They quickly transform your uniform program from a major headache to a smooth running system that you will rarely think about again.

We usually provide all of the uniforms needed by our food service customers including embroidered polo’s and dress shirts for front-of-house staff, chefwear for kitchen staff and even dress shirts and jackets for management and executives. For many customers we also integrate their promotional products into the website so managers can easily order employee name tags, pens, menu covers or any other customized product you can imagine.

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