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Employee Benefit Programs

When it comes to rewarding employees for their longevity or performance it seems the marketing department likes to provide as many options as possible and can come up with some unnecessarily complex reward schemes. While it can be daunting, we feel that as a provider of employee benefit solutions it is our job to implement your designs with as little effort as possible by your HR department.

We have experience in guiding our partners to select the most popular and desirable products for their programs, and have the capacity and systems to customize them on demand in seamless integration with our employee benefit portals. From embroidered shirts and jackets, to engraved awards and even printed certificates. We can turn your benefit program from a headache to an experience that leaves you looking forward to our annual product reviews where you choose from the latest and greatest trending gifts.

One of our recent additions to these popular programs is our iPhone and Android apps, customized with your program catalog and benefits in place allowing your mobile and production workforce to easily participate without the need for a workstation.

Are ready to step up your game in the area of employee benefits?