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Central Location

Large corporations with distributed workforces can quickly discover the extra cost and waste associated with a coastal supplier. Not only does the transit time from California to your east coast branches cause frustration, but it can be twice as slow when they are working with an east coast manufacturer.

We believe a central geographic location is an absolute necessity for suppliers looking to service large national and multinational corporate customers. Our production and distribution facilities are located in Kansas City are just 3 days ground transit to the entire continental US. We also receive the vast majority of our product supply the next day after an order is placed due to our strategic proximity to the Chicago area distribution centers.

As you learn more about us, you will find that our central location is just another key piece of the puzzle we have arranged to support a zero-inventory uniform solution that works for even the largest corporate customers. Next time you cruise through Missouri on your way to Nebraska, don’t forget to pay us a visit.

Rather benefit from our central location than visit it?

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